Harmonic Filter

Power quality is a significant concern for manufacturing and power generation facilities. This is due to harmonic disturbance and reactive power, which is produced by unbalanced loads, variable frequency drives and motors. These issues have serious consequences, including prematurely aging of equipment, unreliable controls, system synchronization loss, and increased energy, maintenance and replacement costs.

Enerdoor is an industry leader in radio frequency interference solutions. The Enerdoor harmonic filter series solves harmonic disturbance and power quality issues by compensating current harmonic and power factor correction generated by industrial loads. 

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Passive Harmonic Filter

FINFF Line Reactor 3%

Line reactor Nominal voltage 480 Vac Frequency range 60 Hz Rated currents from 1 - 750A

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FINFF Line Reactor 5%

Line reactor 5% Nominal voltage 480 Vac Frequency Range 60 Hz Rated currents from 1 - 750A

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FINHRM Passive Harmonic Filter

Rated currents from 10 - 200A Nominal voltage 480 Vac Total harmonic distortion abatement High impedance Cable/ screw connections available

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Active Harmonic Filter


High performance and reliability Harmonic elimination Unaffected by network conditions Modular design starting 35A Available in 400 - 480 - 600 -...

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