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Single-Phase EMI Filters Protect The Power Supply


EMI-RFI filters are typically installed on the main power line. However, did you know that single-phase filters may also be used to protect the power supply, PLCs, and sensors?  This white paper explains the benefits of using a single-phase EMI filter to protect these types of equipment. 

Switching devices within a machine generate radio frequency (RF) noise which travels back to the power line of the facility. When an EMI-RFI filter is installed, it blocks this RF noise. However, did you know that EMI-RFI filters can also protect equipment from RF interference and voltage spikes that could be coming in from surrounding equipment?  

The Challenge

A power supply requires clean power in order to avoid noise or interference that could affect sensor life or machinery performance. Larger facilities have several different types of equipment which create RF interference and voltage spikes that affect other devices.

Imagine a power supply installed inside a machine located in a large facility surrounded by other large pieces of equipment. How do you think the output supply and sensors are affected?

The Solution

To minimize the risk of interference, install an EMI-RFI filter on the power line. For example, in a three-phase machine application, the filter would protect the entire machine. It would protect the two-phase power line, including the power supply, PLCs and sensors.

The Result

A compact EMI-RFI filter on the power supply input reduces the risk of noise interference in the field and increases machinery life.  Enerdoor is committed to providing the highest level of customer support possible and bringing value to our customers.

For more info on Enerdoor EMI-RFI filters, click here

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Highlights From This Months Shows In Italy And Spain!

This month Enerdoor exhibited at the SPS Parma trade show in Parma, Italy and at BIEMH in Bilbao, Spain.  Please check back for info on future shows.  

Enerdoor is committed to power quality and electromagnetic solutions for automated machinery and industrial plants. Our product line includes: EMI-RFI filters, motor protection, harmonic filters, line reactors, surge arresters, voltage stabilizers, and flat-rate CE Certification. 

For further information on our extensive range of power electronics, please call our team at 207-210-6511 or email

SPS Parma show:

BIEMH show:

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Save Money And Energy With Power Factor Correction

Power Factor Correction is the use of technology to restore power factor as close to unity as possible.  This is usually achieved by the additional use of capacitors to the electrical network. The Enerdoor FINSVG provides a better solution for power factor correction than the commonly used capacitor banks. Unlike capacitor banks, it is immune to harmonics through active load balancing by advanced digital control. The compensation capacity never declines and the system is capable of compensating both inductive and capacitive reactive power. 

The Enerdoor FINSVG offers compensation starting at 30 KVAR with a modular design and can be either wall or rack mounted. It is available starting at 208 Vac and may be installed in either a single unit system or multiple, parallel modules for entire facilities. 

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Parallel Filters

Enerdoor parallel filter series is a unique solution available with nominal voltage up to 750 Vac and handles any current due to the parallel nature. These filters are available in 3-phase and 3-phase plus neutral, are UL recognized and feature DIN rail mounting.

Parallel filters provide high attenuation in the frequency range of 10 KHz to 5 MHz providing a solution for applications with low frequency problems. When used in conjunction with an Enerdoor filter series, this combination ensures RF protection for equipment in any environment.

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DC Filters

The Enerdoor DC filter series was designed specifically for the photovoltaic industry. This series carries CE and UL approvals and offers a current range from 5 to 3000A with nominal voltage up to 1000 Vdc. 

Additional filter applications include:

• Single phase machines up to 700 Vac
• Renewable energy
• Recharging stations
• AC/DC converters

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EMC Testing And CE Certification

Since 1992, Enerdoor has specialized in the measurement and analyses of EMC testing and CE Certification, providing on-site flat rate testing to customers around the world through an efficient, global organization. Our flat rate testing service is unique in the industry, as is our pledge to not leave the facility until equipment is compliant.

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Harmonic Filters

Enerdoor passive and active harmonic filters solve harmonic disturbance and power quality issues by compensating current harmonic and power factor correction generated by industrial loads.

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Motor Protection Series

Enerdoor has developed a Motor Protection Series to protect motors from harmful overvoltage and dV/dt spikes generated on the output. This is particularly useful for applications with variable frequency drives and servo-motors.

This series includes common mode and differential mode inductances, sine wave filters and snubbers designed to work with various frequency switches, output frequencies and applications.  

Discover the complete series here:

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Enerdoor EMI-RFI Filters

Shop Enerdoor's complete range of EMI Filters, including: custom filters, single phase, three phase, three phase plus neutral, and DC filters.

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Enerdoor Partners With Blanchard Associates In CA, NV And HI

Blanchard Associates specializes in industrial, and energy management products for the professional electrical, lighting, automation and control markets. For more information please visit; or to place an order call (909) 974-0111 or email 

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