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Motor failure got you down?

Problems with your motor's insulation and bearings?  Motor failure got you down?  Then it's your lucky day!  The Enerdoor snubber was specifically designed to improve the reliability of motor winding insulation and bearings. This unique solution offers very low power loss and full protection in both differential and common mode filtering.  Order your motor protection Enerdoor FIN47SNB snubber today and watch your motors run!

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Enerdoor partners with Cadence Automation in Canada!

Enerdoor is proud to partner with Cadence Automation- the Quebec leader in distribution of high-tech automation. Cadence specializes in product inspection, motion control, engraving, control and power, sensors, industrial safety and technical assistance. For more info please visit or call 450.419.8800 to place an order.  

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Enerdoor is proud to welcome Prosynergic to the Sales Rep team! Prosynergic covers Eastern Canada from Ottawa to the Maritime- with a strong focus on Quebec Province.
For more info please visit or contact and 438-406-7109 for sales.

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Enerdoor Pre-Compliance Testing Saves Time and Money!

A potential machine compliance failure can compromise a project's deadline and release date. If you’re looking to improve your chances of passing EMC testing and would like to lower the risk of failure, pre-compliance testing is a great way to go. 
Enerdoor offers flat rate on-site pre-compliance testing before moving to the final Compliance test - saving both time and more importantly, money. For the full article, click the image below. 

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Womack - Official Distributor

Enerdoor is proud to announce it's partnership with Womack!  Womack is a regional distributor of industrial automation, hydraulic and pneumatic product solutions to the OEM and end-user market. Womack/Enerdoor coverage expands in the Mountain West Region- from Montana to Arizona and the South Central Region from Alabama to New Mexico. For sale inquiries please email 

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Enerdoor is proud to partner with BSC Industries!

BSC is a distributor of electrical and automation products, bearings and power transmission products serving companies nationally and internationally. They also offer in-house engineering, application development, and integrated control system manufacturing.

BSC has 7 locations throughout New England!!

To order directly: or 781-989-2222.

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Enerdoor and Simcona Electronics Corporation!

Enerdoor is proud to partner with Simcona Electronics Corporation - an electronics distributor out of NY that ships electronic components all over the world.

To order from Simcona directly, please email or call 800.274.6266

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Check out our November newsletter: one EMI/ RFI filter per machine vs one per drive!

For the full article on benefits of using Enerdoor EMI/ RFI filters:

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ONE filter per machine instead of one for each drive!

With Enerdoor EMI/ RFI filters you need only ONE per machine instead of one filter for each drive!! This method offers a lower leakage current and PROTECTS the entire machine instead of only the drive.

AND it saves $$, requires less mechanical space, accelerates installation time and reduces quality issues due to faulty wiring!!

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Employee Appreciation!

The Enerdoor Portland office is celebrating Employee Appreciation with a team lunch.  A big "Thank You" for your dedication and continually putting our customers first!! The Enerdoor Team voted the three phase parallel filter the FIN230 their favorite filter.  

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