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Enerdoor is committed to ongoing investments,

new technology solutions and excelling in the understanding of real world power issues.

• Features an anechoic chamber and RD facility
• CE Certification including machinery, safety and low voltage Directive
• EMC mitigation for CE and FCC compliance
• Power quality testing
• Low and high frequency disturbance problem solving
• Technical CE reports and final certificates
• Technical training for the Directive
• Product safety consulting
• Risk assessment
• ATEX consulting
• Seminar and technical training

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IAS Show in Shanghai

Enerdoor had a successful time at the Industrial Automation Show in Shanghai last November.  
Here is a pic of our happy booth visitors. Thanks for stopping by!!
Will you be attending next years show?

Please click here for info on the 2015 IAS show.  

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Having harmonic disturbance problems?

Thinking about Power Quality?
Having harmonic disturbance problems?
Check out Enerdoor's Harmonic Filter series!

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Enerdoor Features the Sinusoidal Filter Series for Motor Protection

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Enerdoor offers a new product line | The Voltage Stabilizer Series

Enerdoor's new Voltage Stabilizer series regulates voltage through a series of transformers. 
For additional information:

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Enerdoor offers a complete series of products used in various industrial markets and applications.

The Enerdoor Group is an international leader in the development and production of electromagnetic solutions for automated and industrial machinery. The Group's broad range of products includes RFI filters, motor protection, passive and active harmonic filters, surge arresters, line reactors and voltage stabilizers, as well as the development and implementation of customized solutions. In pursuit of its mission to deliver the most advanced technology for EMC solutions, Enerdoor has built a global distribution and research and development network. This network provides on-site CE testing, required by current IEC and EN Standards, for clients around the world.

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Enerdoor Attends 2013 Solar Power International Exhibition

Enerdoor attends the 2013 Solar power international show in Chicago October 21- 24

See us at McCormick Place, Booth 337, with our new line of DC filters series approved by UL up to 2500 Amps.

Enerdoor offers a variety of solutions for AC and DC applications.

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Enerdoor FIN FF Series

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Enerdoor reveals a new series of Line and Load Reactors FF.  Enerdoor’s line and load reactors are UL recognized in the US and Canada and CSA approved.  Our FF line is available with low and high impedances such as 1.5%, 3% and 5% drop voltage.  These products may be customized according to your technical specifications.  Please visit ...

Enerdoor Attends the 2012 SPC IPC Drives Conference and Exhibition

Enerdoor exhibits at SPS/IPC/DRIVES/2012 (27 - 29 November 2012) from. Visit us in Hall 4 / Booth 4-523, where you will find our technicians and our sales.

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Enerdoor Attends 2012 IRIS show

Enerdoor attends the 2012 Electronic Technology Expo in Cleveland, OH.

Enerdoor’s EMC engineers presented a seminar explaining the last update of European  Standards.

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