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Enerdoor Attends 2012 IMTS Exhibition

Enerdoor attends the 2012 International Machine Tool Show in Chicago, IL

Enerdoor shows the next generation of passive harmonic filter.

The FIN HRM2 from 16 to 75 Amps is one of the most compact passive harmonic filters existing in the market.

Complies with IEEE 519, IEC61000-3-2 and IEC61000-3-12

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Enerdoor Attends 2011 Solar Power International Exhibition

Enerdoor attends the 2011 Solar Power International Exhibition in Dallas, TX.

With the new develop of DC filters series approved by UL up to

2500 Amps, Enerdoor offers a variety of solutions for AC and DC applications.

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Enerdoor Introduces an Update to the Active Harmonic Filter

Enerdoor’s Active Harmonic filter has been updated with unlimited expandability and the option to have an Ethernet connection with IP address to remotely synchronize and manage the installation.

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Enerdoor Attends 2011 Wind Power International Exhibition

Enerdoor attends the 2011 Solar Power International Exhibition in Anaheim, CA

Many customers expressed interest in the Active Harmonic filter available up to 690 Vac.

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Enerdoor Attends 2012 Solar Power International Exhibition

Enerdoor attends the 2012 Solar Power International Exhibition in Orlando, FL confirming their leadership in the Solar Industry market.

With the EMI-RFI filter, DC filter, and the EMC support laboratory, Enerdoor offers a complete EMC solution to Solar Power converter manufacturers.

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Enerdoor attende 2013 Solar Power Show in Chicago

As a Solar Industry global leader in Power Line and DC Filters, Enerdoor will attend the 2013 Solar Power Show in Chicago on October 22nd – 25th.

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Enerdoor Attends the 2012 IMTS International Manufacturing Technology Show


Enerdoor attended the IMTS 2012 show in Chicago.  Thank you to all the visitors that came to our booth.  We have had success stories with the Enerdoor FIN960F model.  This high frequency inductor has made Enerdoor a leader in high frequency electro-spindle application.  Additionally, when our EMC laboratory is used in conjunction with the appropriate hardware products, it may guaranty your machine will comply with IEC Standards.

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Enerdooor Acquisition of Eichhoff Elektro in Hungary

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Enerdoor is proud to announce its recent acquisition of Eichhoff Elektro- a encapsulate safety transformer company with over 40 years’ experience.  The Eichhoff Elektro manufacturing facility is located in Vac, Hungary and is equipped with high technology machinery; guarantying high volume and high quality production at very competitive...

Enerdoor Attends 2010 Solar Power Exhibition

Enerdoor attends the 2010 Solar Power International Exhibition

Enerdoor recently participated in the Solar Power International Fair in Los Angeles, CA. Visitors to the Enerdoor booth learned about Enerdoor’s latest news. The company also introduced a DC filter with an option to connect isolated 0 volts to PE (Ground).

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Enerdoor Hosts EMC Noise and Interference Seminar

On June 1st in Portland, ME and June 3rd in Tewksbury, MA Enerdoor provided an EMC Noise and Interference seminar where we discussed the European Standard and FCC part 15. We explained the the variety of sources where noise can be generated and their effects.  We provided a live demonstration of noise generation by an AC drive how to measure and correct the issue by using a line filter.

Enerdoor EMC Noise and Interference Seminar

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