Power Factor Correction

Revolutionizing Power Factor Correction with Enerdoor's FINSVG Technology

Unlock the potential of energy efficiency with our cutting-edge power factor correction filters. Traditional methods, such as capacitor banks, fall short of perfection. Recognizing the need for advancement, Enerdoor introduces the FINSVG — a superior solution for power factor correction.

Understanding Power Factor Correction: Power factor correction filters optimize energy efficiency by rectifying the power factor of electrical loads. The power factor represents the ratio of real power (doing useful work) to apparent power (total power drawn by the load). An ideal power factor measures 1. When it dips, excess current is drawn, leading to wasted energy and inflated electricity bills.

The Inefficiency of Capacitor Banks: Capacitor banks have long been the go-to solution, yet their limitations spurred Enerdoor to innovate. Introducing the FINSVG, our new power factor correction filter surpasses the capabilities of conventional capacitor banks.

FINSVG Advantages:

  1. Harmonics Immunity: Active load balancing through advanced digital control ensures immunity to harmonics.
  2. Consistent Compensation: Unlike capacitor banks, the FINSVG maintains compensation capacity over time.
  3. Versatile Reactive Power Compensation: Effectively compensates both inductive and capacitive reactive power.
  4. Modular Design: Initiating compensation at 30 KVAR, our modular design offers flexibility and scalability.
  5. Installation Options: Choose between wall or rack-mounted configurations starting at 208 Vac.
  6. Scalability: Install as a single unit or parallel multiple modules for comprehensive facility coverage.

Enhancing Power Quality: Elevate power quality to enhance equipment reliability, minimize downtime, and ensure operational safety. Enerdoor's commitment extends to achieving optimal power quality across diverse applications and industries. Connect with us today to explore our advanced power factor correction solutions.

Benefits of Enerdoor Power Factor Correction:

  • Elimination of capacitor banks
  • Immune to harmonic resonance
  • Compensation for both inductive and capacitive reactive power
  • Cost reduction and protection against premature equipment failure

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Active power factor correction compensation

  • Compensation from 30 Kvar
  • Nominal voltage 400 - 600 Vac
  • Controls power factor compensation
  • Not affected by harmonic distortion
  • Reduce electricity costs
  • Protect equipment from premature failure
Power Factor Correction
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