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Solar Power Efficiency Enhanced with Enerdoor's Specialized DC EMI Filters

Enerdoor takes pride in presenting DC EMI filters meticulously crafted for the solar industry, addressing critical aspects to meet EU legislation requirements and ensure optimal performance. Our filters play a pivotal role in preventing the exceedance of conducted and radiated emission limits, ensuring compliance with international EMC regulations, and guaranteeing seamless operation even during immunity tests involving deliberate injection of RF noise.

Key Features of Enerdoor's DC EMI Filters for Solar Applications:

  1. Custom-Designed for Solar Industry: Tailored specifically for solar power applications, our filters effectively eliminate interference caused by inverters, providing end-users with a clean and efficient energy solution.

  2. Strategic Placement: The FIN1220, FIN1520, and FIN7212 filters are strategically installed between PV inverters and solar panels, mitigating electromagnetic interference in the DC power line.

  3. Versatile Ground Connection: The FIN1220.0V, FIN1520.0V, and FIN7212 filters offer the flexibility of a ground connection separated from the virtual zero point, proving particularly beneficial for critical networks on the protective earth conductor.

  4. Benefits Include:

    • Prevention of premature panel aging
    • Reduction of conducted emissions towards the solar panel
    • Mitigation of EMI radiation from the solar panel
    • Compliance with international EMC regulations

Technical Specifications:

  • CE and UL approvals
  • Current range from 5 to 3000A
  • Nominal voltage up to 1000 Vdc
  • Compact case design with screw and bus bar connectors

Enerdoor's commitment extends to offering customized solutions, catering to diverse application requirements. Contact us today to initiate a discussion about your specific application needs and specifications, and let us help you elevate your solar power systems to new levels of efficiency.

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