Solar Power

Enerdoor products eliminate disorders caused by generating the power, providing the end-user with clean energy.

In this application, diodes incorporated in the solar cells convert light into a continuous electrical current (DC). The voltage must therefore be transformed into an alternating current (AC) at main frequency  of either 50 or 60 Hz. The use of Enerdoor products in this application is therefore to achieve the requirements of the EU legislation, to avoid exceeding the limits of conducted and radiated emissions, and to ensure correct operation even when noise is deliberately injected as required by the immunity tests.

Furthermore, Enerdoor products eliminate almost all the disorders caused by the inverter generating the power, providing the end-user with efficient clean energy. Enerdoor products, apart from the description above, also function to limit possible interference on control devices, such as the control for the orientation of the panels depending on the eliminate possible problems on the generator where you can see negative effects due to high-frequency switching.

Enerdoor DC Filters

Designed specifically for the photovoltaic industry, Enerdoor’s DC Filters are some of the best on the market, and offer great safety features for commercial and residential use. The FIN1220 and FIN1520 models offer the possibility of ground connections, while the FIN 1520.0V and FIN1220.0V are designed to handle voltages of up to 1500 VDC. All 4 models offer protection from EMI Radiation and help to protect your solar panels from electrical damage. Enerdoor would be happy to answer any of your questions about their DC Filters, and with their specially designed technology, you can be sure to get the best products for all of your filtering needs.

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