Wind Power

Limit RF Interference for Wind Power Control Devices

Enerdoor EMC and power quality filters provide the end-user with efficient clean energy for wind power by eliminating RF disturbances caused by the inverter generating power.  Enerdoor filters also limit RF interference on control devices, such as wind power blade orientation controls, and limit communication network interference preventing damaging effects due to high-frequency switching.

Wind energy is converted into electricity by a mechanical system based on a turbine (horizontal or vertical), which rotates the electricity generator. The voltage produced by the generator is converted to grid frequency and the voltage is adjusted by an electronic power converter. Enerdoor products are used in these applications to achieve EU legislation requirements, avoid exceeding the limits of conducted and radiated emissions, and ensure correct operation even when RF noise is deliberately injected as required by immunity tests.


  • EMC filters specifically designed for high performamce
  • Suitable for offshore applications
  • Eliminate RF difturnace and provide efficient clean energy
  • Stop RF interference on communication networks
  • Compact designs

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