BG (G) 25 Surge Arrester

BG (G) 25Voltage (Vac)ClassMax Discharge Current (KA)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Height (mm)Weight (Kg)CaseDownload
.150 1P251502+3100369067-1
.275 1P252752+3100369067-1
.320 1P253202+3100369067-1
.385 1P253852+3100369067-1
.420 1P254202+3100369067-1
.150 2P251502+31007290.566.8-2
.275 2P252752+31007290.566.8-2
.320 2P253202+31007290.566.8-2
.385 2P253852+31007290.566.8-2
.420 2P254202+31007290.566.8-2
.150 3P251502+310010890.566.8-3
.275 3P252752+310010890.566.8-3
.320 3P253202+310010890.566.8-3
.385 3P253852+310010890.566.8-3
.420 3P254202+310010890.566.8-3
.150 4P251502+310014490.566.8-4
.275 4P252752+310014490.566.8-4
.320 4P253202+310014490.566.8-4
.385 4P253852+310014490.566.8-4
.420 4P254202+310014490.566.8-4
G.150 2P25 N502082+31007290.566.8-2
G.150 2P25 N1002082+31007290.566.8-2
G.275 2P25 N502552+31007290.566.8-2
G.275 2P25 N1003202+31007290.566.8-2
G.320 2P25 N504002+31007290.566.8-2
G.320 2P25 N1004002+31007290.566.8-2
G.385 2P25 N504802+31007290.566.8-2
G.385 2P25 N1004802+31007290.566.8-2
G.420 2P25 N506002+31007290.566.8-2
G.420 2P25 N1006002+31007290.566.8-2
G.150 3P25 N502082+310014490.566.8-4Drawings
G.150 3P25 N1002082+310014490.566.8-4
G.275 3P25 N503202+310014490.566.8-4
G.275 3P25 N1003202+310014490.566.8-4
G.320 3P25 N504002+310014490.566.8-4
G.320 3P25 N1004002+310014490.566.8-4
G.385 3P25 N504802+310014490.566.8-4
G.385 3P25 N1004802+310014490.566.8-4
G.420 3P25 N506002+310014490.566.8-4
G.420 3P25 N1006002+310014490.566.8-4

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