Passive Harmonic Filter with excellent attenuation of current harmonic distortion and overvoltage spikes

FINHRM5C Passive Harmonic Filter


• UL approved
Compact size – one of the smallest in the industry
• Nominal voltage 480 Vac (HV version 690 Vac)
• Rated current from 10 - 1400A

• Reduces current THD to <5% with an unbalanced voltage of 2.5%
• Base/wall mounting installation
• Modular system


• Ensures IEEE-519 and IEC61000-3-12 compliance
Low power loss and operating temperature
• Reduces system loss due to harmonic distortion

• Improves flicker and power factor
• Unaffected by network conditions
Power quality reader available
• Paralleling system

FINHRM5C Passive Harmonic FilterVoltage (Vac)Current (A)Inductance Height (mm)Inductance Width (mm)Inductance Depth (mm)Capacitance Height (mm)Capacitance Width (mm)Capacitance Depth (mm)Weight (Kg)CaseDownload

Case 1

Case 1

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Case 2

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Case 3

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